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Psychedelic Integration

I am trained as a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist through ATMA and work with organisations that have legal access to use psychedelics.  Using psychedelics as a therapeutic modality can be very powerful.  I believe in the potential for remarkable and profound changes in individuals that decide to go this route.  Having a therapist to help along the way for preparation prior to the medicine journey and afterwards as integration can be helpful.  Integration can be seamless for some and more challenging for others.  I provide a safe space to openly explore the material, or messages that you might have received in your trip to help you integrate towards wholeness. 


Disclaimer:  I do not offer any substances for non-ordinary states of consciousness, nor do I give advice on where to source illegal substances.  If you are looking to include psychedelics as a modality for healing I recommend looking for organizations such as Roots to Thrive, Gathering Groups, or enrolment in clinical trials.  My offering of integration work comes from a foundation of harm reduction and post-trip integration and/or management. 

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