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Registered Clinical Counsellor

I have always felt called to become a counsellor. I’m naturally inclined to see the light and goodness inside people. Helping people to reconnect to that goodness, to their own ‘Self’ is part of the therapeutic process. It is my belief that at any given time, we as people are doing the best job we can, given our circumstances.

Throughout my life, I have been told that I make people feel safe. Walking alongside and providing a safe container for others as they navigate a path through grief and change is something I have always intuitively known. Over the course of my life I have cultivated the ability through academia, training, and experience to support people along their path towards healing as best I can.

My education includes an undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University with a major in psychology and a minor in counselling and human development. I then received my Masters of Counselling through City University of Seattle. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (RCC # 18059) and with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCC # 11243903).

It is my belief that every person has the capacity for change within. My job in walking alongside and holding space for you in your therapeutic journey is to facilitate a connection to your own inner resources to bring about your desired change.

My approach when working with clients is experiential, positively directional, and change-focused. I integrate theory from Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, and somatic approaches. My clients can expect a therapeutic relationship that is individually-focused and sensitive to the unique histories, needs, and problems presented in therapy. I am honoured to work with individuals experiencing a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, loss, interpersonal conflict, addiction, and gender/sexual identity concerns.

As a cancer-survivor, parent, daughter, sister, and by virtue of walking this Earth I have experience in bouncing back from trauma, loss, and conflict and I bring these insights and experiences into therapeutic relationships to empathise with folks wherever they are on their journey.

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